Patriot Battles Released

Patriot Battles, our new quick play combat GAME covering some of the most notable battles of the American Revolutionary War, has been released. The game also includes an integrated scenario editor, so please let us know if you create any new battles– or improve upon ours! ;-). We’d love to make any interesting new scenarios available on the site.

For more information on Patriot Battles, see the game page here: Patriot Battles

‘Next Stop is Vietnam’

Development is under way on our next Windows desktop game, tentatively titled ‘Vietnam: Battles and Tactics’. The game will highlight small unit actions and tactics from the Vietnam War. I’ve always wanted to produce a Nam title and I’m very pleased to finally be working towards making that a reality.

DefCon 2: The Missiles of October
Our experimental title covering the potential air war over Cuba during the Missile Crisis of 1962 remains in development.

I’ll be posting dev updates on Nam and Defcon 2 as the process continues. Thanks for your interest and support.

Best, Jeff