02092018 Desperate Glory v1.25 Update

Desperate Glory v1.25 Update Released

Version 1.25 adds many historical US Cavalry and Sioux-Cheyenne unit images, tweaks the Sioux-Cheyenne Readiness rate, and adjusts several sound files.

Special thanks go to ‘Saint Patrick 33’ for researching and finding the historical images.
Thanks so much… ‘Play each game like its your last!’ 😉

If you’ve purchased the game directly from digital Gameworks, just download the latest version and re-install it.

[Download Desperate Glory v1.25]

If you’ve purchased the game via HPS Simulations, check the HPS site for an update or download and extract the V1.25 Patch to your Desperate Glory install directory.

[Download Desperate Glory v1.25 Patch]

‘First Look’ screen shots of Zulu Dawn! Islandlwana are coming soon.

Best, Jeff