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Digital Gameworks LLC is a small independent strategy simulation game design and development studio officially formed by Jeff Lapkoff in 2014.

Indie before Indie was cool, Jeff has been developing strategy simulation games under his own label, JLSSG (formerly Incredible Simulations, Inc) and with others for quite sometime. Remaining one of the few 'lone wolf' designer/developers putting 'brush to canvas', Jeff virtually 'hand crafts' each title from inception to release while always aiming for that elusive but captivating user experience. He views digital game design as one of the most creative, yet unfulfilled mediums, blending technology and interactivity with art, music, history, story telling, and education.

Jeff's games have received several notable awards including two Computer Gaming World Wargame of The Year Nominations and PC Gamer's Editor's Choice Award. Jeff's titles are known for their challenging quick play, interesting subjects, smooth user interfaces, and... just plain fun. Working with HPS Simulations, Jeff has also helped develop several projects funded by the United States Air Force Office Of Scientific Research and has also worked in the educational software field for several years.

Digital Gameworks remains dedicated to historical strategy simulation gaming along with leveraging modern development technologies to create varied and interesting titles across multiple platforms, including the world wide web.

Jeff holds an AA in Liberal Arts and a BS in Computer Science and is a Chicago native currently residing in Northeastern Wisconsin ('Packer Territory') with Linda and their 80lb 'Rottsky' (Rottweiler-Husky) Bella.

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