03312017 DEFCON-2: The Missiles of October

More looks at digital Gamework’s upcoming mini-game covering the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, DEFCON-2: The Missiles of October Release Date: TBD Platforms: Windows and MAC Desktop

02162017 Patriot Battles V1.10

Patriot Battles V1.10 Posted The first update of Patriot Battles has been posted. Version 1.10 Mods: -Adjustable Victory Condition Setting -AI vs Player Turn Advance Delay -AI Combat Reporting Improvements If you’ve purchased and registered your copy with digital Gameworks, just download the game and reinstall. If you’ve purchased the game via HPS Simulations, expect…

02112017 Patriot Battles

Patriot Battles Released Patriot Battles, our new quick play combat GAME covering some of the most notable battles of the American Revolutionary War, has been released. The game also includes an integrated scenario editor, so please let us know if you create any new battles– or improve upon ours! ;-). We’d love to make any…