I’ve always been a Sci-Fi / Horror fan and have of late, been developing an interest in storytelling and cinematics in digital games. Outpost Echo was born out of those interests.

The game itself was inspired by John W. Campbell’s excellent take on isolation and the unknown in his acclaimed 1938 novella “Who Goes There?” and of course, John Carpenter’s landmark 1982 film adaptation of the novella, “The Thing”. Fans of either of those two excellent works will immediately recognize the general situation presented in Outpost Echo.

While I’d classify the game as a real-time 3rd person action/adventure (easy for me to say?), strategy gamer’s can rest assured that it’s not really a twitch game. It’s been an interesting dev cycle to say the least, and I hope you’ll give it a shot.

Outpost Echo is available now for Windows and Mac desktops. Mobile (IOS, Android, and Kindle) versions are in the works. I’ll update the game page as the mobile versions become available.

Best, Jeff