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There is no life form on Earth that can survive in the Antarctic Winter, but the best compromise is the dog.

Outpost Echo is a unique real-time 3rd person Sci-Fi / Horror action adventure inspired by John W. Campbell Jr’s critically acclaimed 1938 Novella Who Goes There? and John Carpenter’s landmark 1982 film adaptation of the novella, The Thing.


13 March 1982

I had hoped no one would ever have to read this…

It all started while investigating a magnetic anomaly first recorded by the Norwegians. We initially suspected the source was a large meteor buried in the ice and snow for thousands of years.

But it was no meteor…

Capt. Forsyth, Commanding Officer, Outpost Echo

In Outpost Echo, players take on the role of US AFSOC/STT officer 1st Lt. Anthony John (AJ) O’ Neal whose team has been tasked with investigating the sudden and unexpected radio silence surrounding Operation Deep Freeze Outpost Echo.

While Operation Deep Freeze has generally been regarded as a ‘blanket’ term for all US operations on the Antarctic continent, many have speculated that ‘Deep Freeze’ has been a cover for a US/NATO CTS (Cosmic Top Secret) level project dating all the way back to Admiral Byrd’s secretive expeditions both during and after WWII.

Find out what’s happened at Echo, neutralize or contain the situation, and… SURVIVE.

-Intuitive Point and Click Interface
-Fully Animated 3D Graphics, Immersive Music, Sound, and SFX
-Multiple Mission Areas and Weapons
-Randomly generated encounters and object locations for added replay value

Outpost Echo:
Platforms: Windows (DX9+) and Mac OSX 64 bit Desktops
Price: $9.99 (Immediate Digital Download)


(IOS, Android, & Kindle Versions now available at the App Store, Google Play, & Amazon.com)

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