Peleliu: The Devil’s Island


Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Guadalcanal all stand out as major battles of the US WWII Pacific Campaign, but Peleliu arguably equaled or surpassed them all in scale and ferocity.

Major General William Rupertus, Commander of the 1st Marine Division, confidently predicted the capture of Peleliu would “only take three days – maybe two.” But the Japanese had learned from previous defeats and adopted new tactics designed to bleed the Americans dry. Gone was meeting the US forces 'head on' at the beach and the ineffective Banzai charges. In their place were well crafted fortifications and disciplined attacks and some 10,000 plus defenders that would fight to the death in the Emperor's name.

What ensued was a bloody battle of unprecedented savagery that nearly destroyed an entire Marine division.

During the period of heaviest fighting in Viet Nam, the 1,000-man 1st Battalion 1st Marines (1/1) sustained 475 casualties in six months. At Peleliu, this same 1,000-man Battalion sustained 660 casualties... IN SIX DAYS.

Welcome to Peleliu... Welcome to Hell.

Orange Beach 3


Rough coral, caves, field bunkers, barbed wire, mines, smoke, artillery barrages, and fiercely defended fighting positions await.

Making the wrong move at the wrong time or choosing the wrong tactic can be costly.

Striking 3D Graphics, Immersive Sound and Special Effects, all combine in an action packed combat game that brings a sense of immediacy and danger at every turn.

The Point


Intense turn based WWII action within an accessible quick play game system that keeps you involved instead of putting you to sleep.

While staying true to turn-based mechanics the game system's random command activation system will at times make it feel as though you're playing more of a real time strategy game.

The abstracted level and focused scenarios will have your attention from the very first turn.

Peleliu: The Devil's Island


- Seven historical based scenarios covering the major aspects of the Assault on Peleliu. Randomly generated defenses and enemy positions add to the game's replay value.

- Multiple Mission Areas, Battle Maps, and Weapon Systems including tanks, flamethrowers, satchel charges, napalm, and more...

- AI Assisted Ranged Fire, Rallying, and Supply, allow you to command your forces with just a few clicks of the mouse.


// PELELIU: The Devil's Island

Platforms: Win7+ 64bit (DX9+) and Mac OSX64 Desktops

Delivery: Direct Digital Download

Price: $14.95


Also available at the Apple AppStore and on disc from HPS Simulations