ZULU DAWN! The Battle of Isandlwana

ZULU DAWN! Isandlwana
ZULU DAWN! Isandlwana
ZULU DAWN! Isandlwana
ZULU DAWN! Isandlwana
ZULU DAWN! Isandlwana
ZULU DAWN! Isandlwana
ZULU DAWN! Isandlwana
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An overwhelming sense of foreboding surrounded the Battle of Isandlwana. The mountain itself perched over the battlefield like a lion welcoming its prey. Even the sun ominously ‘turned black’ during the desperate struggle that ensued, experiencing a total eclipse at the height of the onslaught. January 22nd, 1879… the Zulu would call it ‘The Day of the Dead Moon’.

Not unlike General Custer’s approach at the Little Bighorn, just days before the battle Lord Chelmsford, Commander-in-Chief of British forces, would split his command at Isandlwana, moving to reconnoiter the Zulu in force. Chelmsford’s decision would eerily lead the proud British 24th Foot to the same fate as Custer’s famed 7th Cavalry just three years prior.

As the battle began, the Zulu would appear to grow out of the earth itself, as some 20,000 warriors hastily took up the ‘Horn’s of the Bull’ formation and readied for the assault. The British stared out over the veldt and into eternity… the camp was surrounded, surrender was not an option, and retreat was impossible. From the ‘Red Soldiers’ the Zulu expected no quarter and would give none in return.  uSuthu!

Zulu Dawn! The Battle of Isandlwana Coming Soon from digital Gameworks

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ZULU DAWN! The Battle of Isandlwana is an abstracted company level strategy game that puts the player in command of the British 24th Foot or the scores of deadly Zulu Warriors at the Battle of Isandlwana, long regarded as the worst military disaster in British imperial history.

Though a turn based game, its randomized activation system will at times make you feel as though you're playing more of a real time strategy game. With any given action, enemy reaction may at times be immediate or concurrent.
Zulu Dawn! Isandlwana 1879
Game Features:

- Quick, interactive, engaging Turn Based Play

- Scenario Variant Overlays: Laager Up! . Centre Column United . kwaJim's Can Wait

- Variable Zulu Commitment Levels plus randomized troop levels and weapons

- Immersive 3D Graphics, Sound, Special Effects and... even a Solar Eclipse.
ZULUDAWN! Isandlwana 1879

ZULU DAWN! The Battle of Isandlwana

Platforms: Windows (DX9+ Graphics) and Mac OS Desktops

When: Available Now (Immediate Digital Download)

Price: $14.95


ZULU DAWN! is also available on disc from HPS Simulations