As the clouds of the rainy season in Natal disappeared, a new storm brewed on the border between the British colony and Zululand in 1879. By January 11, there were five columns of British regular infantry, Natal natives and Natal volunteers poised to invade Zululand at five different points. As the first of these columns moved forward, the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 was about to begin...

Stand in the British Army's "Thin Red Line" or join the legions of deadly Zulu Warriors!


• battalion level
• 2 miles per hex
• 5 day turns


• Entire 1879 campaign game
• plus additional situational mini-scenarios


• Quick turn based, PBEM capable


• The Zulu Kingdom or the forces of the British Empire


• Game styles
• Zulu kraal location
• Zulu fire weapons
• British intel
• Order of battle
• Weather
• fog of war


• Platform: Windows XP or greater
• Price: $19.95

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