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01272020 First Look: An Laoch Ri

An Laoch Ri . The Warrior King Saxon encampment at the mouth of the River Glein

12222019 Peleliu: The Devil’s Island

Peleliu: The Devil’s Island has been released. The Devil’s Island is an action packed abstracted WWII combat game covering the major aspects of Operation Stalemate II, the September 1944 US assault on Peleliu Island. Next up looks most likely to be Valhalla, a digital Gameworks’ take on the Nordic Viking raids and battles during the…

08232019 And now for something completely different… Outpost Echo

I’ve always been a Sci-Fi / Horror fan and have of late, been developing an interest in storytelling and cinematics in digital games. Outpost Echo was born out of those interests. The game itself was inspired by John W. Campbell’s excellent take on isolation and the unknown in his acclaimed 1938 novella “Who Goes There?”…